Baby Beck was absolute perfection! I promised I am not biased because he's my nephew but it definitely does help.

Beck came in when he was a little under 2 weeks old. This is the time I have found to be best for newborn sessions because they are in the flow of nursing (if they're breastfeeding) and they are usually taking bottles like a champ if they are bottle fed. Sometimes it can take time for babies to get the hang of eating and filling up that belly in one sitting but this one has been a champ since day one.

Beck did not even budge during posing changes or when I took him out of his swaddle to move to the posed portion of the session. He must love his Parky to give her a good session like that but I will update later on that 6 month session... That's usually when these nephews of mine really show me how they feel haha

I think I have one beautiful set of nephews... & this is only 2/a lot of nephews I have! hahaha